A Virgin with Seven Husbands

Sarah receiving a blessing on her eighth wedding night from her father, being led by her mother. Image “Sarah” from christianity.about.com

During the time of Josephus’ priestly “oligarchy” nothing much is known about the lives of women. If wives of High Priests were treated as queens, we don’t know about it. But here is a portion of a story that shows both the evolution of angels and demons and how young virgin daughters of upper class families were treated. The story is an early fictional tale with elements, perhaps, of an Egyptian story of “Khons,” about how a demon was cast out of a princess. The tale is from the Book of Tobit and likely dated to the “beginning of the second century B.C.”

There was a man named Tobit who has a son named Tobias. Tobit sends Tobias on a mission to a faraway relative accompanied by a man named Azariah, who is unbeknownst, an angel… Continue reading “A Virgin with Seven Husbands”