Hasmonean/Oniad/Herodian Genealogy Chart

A Hasmonean/Oniad/Herodian Genealogical Chart

This genealogy chart is my attempt to illustrate my theory as discussed in the posts on this blog…how Simon a son of Mattathias son of Hasmon, patriarch of the House of the Hasmoneans made a marriage alliance with an unnamed daughter of the House of Onias so that he could be named the new official High Priest of a new combined Oniad/Hasmonean House. It goes on to show how Mariamne the Queen of the Hasmonean House married Herod, a non-royal Idumean converted Jewish warrior backed by Rome and created another new Jewish royal House, the House of Herod…the Herodians…and how Mariamne III, “my Mary” fit into the chart and how her son could be considered a candidate for the role of “King of the Jews.”