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Having reached an advanced age before this admittedly crazy idea that I might have something to say about a Historical Mary occurred to me…and being a total amateur in the field of feminist biblical studies, I came to the realization that I will not suddenly get any more credible the older I get, and so have decided to blog my manuscript.

I am not a complete upstart…I have been writing in the historical field in a small way…and have a few things published…in a small way.

And now, after researching since the 70s, writing one book, working on this blog and self-publishing another book and some eBook’s, I may still be an amateur, but I now know what I know…

  • The Parable, A Story of Jesus, Son of Joseph (“historical” new-age fiction of Jesus at the age of bar mitzvah in which Mary stood up and unexpectedly took center stage), Donning Publishers, Norfolk VA, 1979)
  • A Survivor on the Banks of the Grand River, historical company history of a pre-Civil War company published in Western Reserve Magazine, May-June 1983. Won Best Article on History, Genealogy, Architecture or Antiques in Lake County from the Lake County Historical Society, Mentor, OH, 1983.
  • About 12 articles for the St. Charles County Historical Society Quarterly Journal, earning three “best article of the year” awards. Four of the articles were included in a 20-year anthology of Heritage articles published by the Society in 2006 called Heritage Treasures.
  • Was first author in a team effort writing for the Celebrate St. Peters Historic Committee, St. Peters at its Best, published by the city in 2009
  • A.C.F., American Car & Foundry, The “Car Shops” on the west bank of the Missouri River, published by the St. Charles County Historical Society, 2013
  • St. Charles County Missouri History Through a Woman’s Eyes, published by the Society in July 2014.
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Book and eBooks are on Amazon…click on each one.

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4 thoughts on “About me and my book…

  1. I am in my 20th year of research concerning The Mary’s. You know that finding the truth is like a 1000 piece puzzle. There is not one or even 10 resources, but 1000 tiny fragments and accidental mistakes by ancient scribes. I thank you for this blog. I cried as I scrolled through the table of contents and thought “Where was she ten years ago?”. I am writing a novel that I think you will love and would be honored to speak with you. Again, thank you for your huge unveiling and helping me complete my research (head bowed with hand across my heart).


    1. Karin…thank you so much for your kind words…as you know, we who research like this are usually loners and have little feed back. I compare this kind of research to finding an old scroll fragment…intriguing but with holes in all the crucial places. I have a novel in my head also but it will be another year before I get to it. Please let me know how yours goes. (Head bowed hand across my heart, also) Cleta


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