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I had thought I might be done with my Political Mary, but she was only sleeping…or I was. Lots of not-so-subtle signs that I should get back to work. One of them came from a new reader, Sandy Ham*. She has a more scholarly background and access to some of the articles and book’s scholars publish. She shared two with me that I am going to post links to here. Of course, I am doing it because they agree at least in part with my own research…or I agree with theirs. What amazed me was that we were all using the same data points to make our cases…that Mary Magdalene and Mary mother of Jesus were one and the same person.

I have used this image before on the website. It is of a Black Madonna that is unapologetically royal; a copy of a painting done by the Evangelist Luke. A billboard for a Franciscan Shrine dedicated to her and this painting in Eureka, Missouri, greeted me on the highway as I was moving to St. Charles, MO.

These very well written and researched writings…with authors names, credentials, footnotes and sources listed. They did not go the additional step that I did and look at the New Testament Marys in the light of the royal Mariamnes in the writings of the contemporary to the New Testament’s earliest writings, Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus…

See what you think…the two PDF, if you want a deeper look…



What I have begun work on recently is the Life and Death of Mariamne the Jewish Queen…pulling out her chapters from the website making her story more concise with additional material. I thought it would be one long article but now find it will be in 4 or 5 posts. CMF

* Sandy Ham has her own new website that I highly recommend. Her focus is on the legend of Mary Magdalene as the wife of Jesus begin exiled to France and the Rennes-le-Chateau region. The research done on the French connections states there was a royal genealogy for Mary Magdalene and her child born after the death of Jesus. But she is also looking at there being a royal connection for Jesus, himself. Ham has an archaeology and evolutionary anthropology background and has actually been to France and is searching for facts to support the theory…as we all are.

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